Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Downtown Ypsilanti After Dark

With the days shortening, I've been meaning to do some night pictures anyway.  I was thinking I would do some pictures of Depot Town after trivia tonight but I ended up heading downtown instead.
 I figured I would continue with the black and white theme here too.  There is just something about night cityscapes in black and white anyway.
 A shot of the current Ypsilanti City Hall.
 Looking down Huron Street.  I really like the way this particular shot turned out.
 Looking from the other side of the street.
 I was trying to go for both the sign and the reflection of the sign.  I guess if I had one complaint, I wish the baker guys were a little brighter.
 Looking at the Ypsi Cycle Place.
 The Tap Room sign.  I think I'm going to have to play with nighttime photography again.  I kind of wish the background were a little more illuminated.
 Not sure what this restaurant is but I liked the lighting.
 Looking eastward on Michigan Avenue.
 Abe's.  I'm almost thinking I should have gotten a little closer to get my Nighthawks scene.
 The Eastern Michigan College of Business.
The Ypsilanti Public Library.

And there you have a brief Ypsi after Dark Series.

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