Thursday, February 23, 2017

A Slightly Different View

I decided to head to Metro Airport after work.  I was hoping to get some cloudy skies and maybe some sunset plane shots.  Between the time I left work and I arrived at the airport, the planes changed the directions they were taking off and landing from.

Normally the planes take off to the south of the airport and land from the north.  Well, it's actually south west and from the north east but close enough.  That is based on the wind direction.  It's helpful to have the winds coming from the front during take off or landing.    Occasionally the winds shift and the planes come in front the opposite direction.

The only time that happened for me while planewatching was the night when it was too foggy to get any pictures.  So I haven't been able to see what the views were like when the planes are coming from the other direction.  Tonight gave me that chance.
 The planes taking off from the eastern runway were flying overhead.  I'm not a huge fan of the belly shot but it was different.  This particular plane was an Airbus 320 belonging to Spirit Airlines.
 Next was an Airbus A319 belonging to Delta.  Unfortunately, this angle doesn't bode well for catching tail numbers, so I will only mention the plane.
 I think this is a Boeing 717 or one of the MD-80 variants.
 This of course is a CJR.  I think it is a 200.
A Delta 767 taking off on its way to Frankfurt.  I kind of like this view.  Just wish I could get a little closer.
Another shot of that plane.

I was happy to get a shot of a 757.  This particular one was on its way to Minneapolis.
A 737 taking off.
Another 737 with the 767 in the background.  It was kind of neat to have a view like this.
I think this is an Airbus 320.
An Airbus 319 against the setting sun.
Another view of that plane.
I think this is another Airbus.
An Airbus 320 belonging to American Airlines.
Another CRJ.
I'm pretty sure this is a Boeing 717.
And another.
An Airbus A330 takes off from Runway 4R on its way to Paris.
I think this is a CRJ-700.
This 737 was on its way to Las Vegas.
An Airbus A319.
A Southwest 737.  I ,actually like this view.
And another.
And I ended the night with a 757.  Again, I'm not sure where it's headed but it's my favorite plane.
I kind of like the fact that I had a chance to get a rear shot.

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