Sunday, February 12, 2017

Some Tugs at Rest

As I was heading into Grand Haven, I noticed that there were some tugboats docked.  As I was heading out, I decided to stop by.
 The water was pretty smooth.  I guess that is in contrast to the rough waves of today.  It actually would have been nice to see the waves and the lighthouse, but this makes for a nice picture.  This is the Carol Ann and is owned by the King Company of Holland, Michigan.  I've seen her docked in Muskegon before.
 The Dorena and Matt Allen.  These are also owned by the King Company.
I kind of liked the shot with the rockpile in the background.

As much as I like these pictures, I can't wait for shipping season to start again.  I think there is a little more than a month to go.

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