Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Snowy Evening Planewatching

After the game, I decided to head over to the airport.  It looked like it would be a good night to catch some planes.
 First up was a 737 operated by Sun Country Airlines.  I'm not sure if I've seen Sun Country here before, so it was kind of neat.  Sun Country was founded in 1983 and based out of Minneapolis-St. Paul.  It mainly tries to fly people from Minneapolis to warmer destinations.  They had steady growth for a while and then went through a bad period.  Currently it serves 38 destinations.
 I don't remember all the details on the flights, so I'm just going to talk about the pictures.  This is a Delta Airbus 320 coming in for a landing.  It was snowing off and on while I was taking my pictures.  That made for some interesting effects.
 The side shot of that plane.
 This was an American Airlines MD-88 coming in for a landing on the other runway.  I think it was coming in from ORD.
 Another Delta Airbus 320.
 An MD-88 belonging to Delta.
 This Jet Blue Embrear 190 was coming from Philadelphia. 
 One of the planes that I was waiting for was this 757 that was coming in from Cancun.  It would have been nice if it would have brought the weather.  I kind of like this front on shot.
 The side shot.
 This Airbus 330 was coming in from Frankfurt.  I kind of like this planes.
 Another 320.
 A CRJ-200.
 The Boeing 717.  I think this one may have been arriving from LaGuardia.
 Another A330.  This particular one was coming in from Shanghai.
 A Southwest 737 that was coming in from Baltimore-Washington International.
 I'm pretty sure this Spirit Airlines A320 was coming in from Orlando.
 This plane may have been coming in from Charlotte.
 One of the planes that I was waiting for was the Air France Airbus A340.  It is a four engine plane that is slightly larger than a 707.
 It was coming in from Paris.  It was kind of cool seeing it all lit up.
 One more shot.
 After the A340, I saw that there was a DC-10 coming in.  Since I figured it would be landing on the other runway, I decided to head over to a spot where I could catch it.
 Fed Ex Flight 505 is a flight that comes in from Memphis, Tennessee.  It was a DC-10 which was pretty cool to see since those are getting rarer.
 My light was disappearing, but I still think I got some pretty cool shots.
One more shot before calling it a night.

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