Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Lunchtime Planespotting

So it was a nice afternoon today and I decides to go out and bring lunch back to work so that I could take some plane pictures.  There a few clouds but I like having clouds in some of my pictures.
 First up was a Cessna from the Ann Arbor Airport doing touch and goes. 
 As I looked to the other parts of the sky, I caught the crescent moon and I liked the way it was hanging over a bank of clouds.
 This plane might have been too far away, but it is a 757, so I have to post it.
Next up was a 757 belonging to Jet Blue.
 This time the Cessna flew a little closer to our building. 
 This was an Airbus 320 belonging to Jet Blue.  I think it was on its way to LaGuardia.
 It wasn't too long before the 747 heading to Narita appeared.  It was a little ways away though.  This picture was taken at about 12:45, it will be in Japan in roughly 2 hours from this post.  This means this was a 14 hour flight.
 Shortly after the Narita 747, the 747 that was headed to Incheon
 This will be in Korea in about a two and a half hours, making this one almost 15.5 hours.
And then she goes off to Korea.

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