Thursday, February 16, 2017

Chasing the Dream

I had a chance to catch the 787 as it arrived at Metro Airport, so  I decided to go for it.  The 787 is also known as the Dreamliner, hence the title of this post.  I don't remember the exact details of the aircraft in this post, so it will be pretty much the pictures.
I call this plane the taxi airplane because it looks like one.  I do kind of like the various Spirit paint schemes though.  This is an Airbus A320.
Next up was an Airbus A319 belonging to Delta Airlines.
Next up was a string of 737's.  This was a 737-900.
Another 737-900.
A 737-800.
I think this is a CRJ-700.  Of course it was a Delta plane.  I kind of wish Delta would do heritage units.  They would have a ton of them and it would give me different schemes to look at it.
I think this was a CRJ-900.
Another 737.  I kind of like the winglets below the wing.
One of the DC-9 derivatives.  I think this one is a Boeing 717.  This of course leads to the question of why do Boeing jets all begin with a 7?  After World War II, the Boeing president wanted to reorganize the company.  The company was divided into departments and each department was given a 3 digit code.  The 300 and 400 continued to focus on propeller planes.  500 was used for the turbine engine group.  600 was used for the rocket and missile department.  The 700's were used for jets.  The planes ended with a seven because it rolled of the tongue easier.
I was around long enough that I had a pretty good chance of catching my favorite plane.  I love the 757.
It's a shame that Boeing couldn't find a market for it initially because it is a pretty good airplane.  Apparently airlines are finding that it is alot more versatile than they initially though.  Sadly, Boeing ended production.
Another Airubs A319.
Even though they look similar to other commercial aircraft, the Airbuses always look slightly off to me.
But a plane is a plane.
And it's always cool to see a Frontier plane.
But it was the Dreamliner that I was waiting for.  This particular one belongs to Royal Jordanian Airlines. 
There are two flights into Detroit from Amman, Jordan.  This one usually has a brief layover in Montreal before continuing to Detroit.  It is designated as flight 267.
Delta was supposed to get some 787's at some point but apparently they cancelled the order.  I think this means that if I want to see more of them, I have to go to O'Hare to catch them.
But I always love seeing the 757.
And since I saw so many other 737's, what's one more?

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