Saturday, February 4, 2017

A Stop In Durand

I headed up to Durand today.  I was hoping to catch some trains.  It was kind of a cold day but the sun was out for part of it.  As I was waiting, I decided to wander around the tiny museum that they have in the station.  There isn't much to see but it is kind of interesting.
 These are some of the tools they used to use in railroad maintenance.
 Grand Trunk 6319 was a steam engine that was the last one to run a regularly scheduled run in 1960.  It ended up going from Durand to Detroit.
 I think this is the bell from that engine.
 Part of a display showing the railroad during the war.
 A chalkboard that would have been used as the schedule.
The station clock.
A picture of the station itself.  I kind of liked the lighting in this shot.
After about an hour at the station, I was about ready to give up on seeing any trains.  It was starting to get dark and I was losing my light rapidly.    Shortly after that, I heard the train's horn.
It was kind of cool.
I heard that there was another train arriving, so I decided to go for another vantage point.
 It wasn't quite the picture I was hoping for, but still pretty cool.

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