Friday, February 17, 2017

Lunchtime Planewatching

It was a fairly nice day today and the skies were mostly clear.  I noticed that there were a few planes doing touch and goes, so I decided to bring lunch back and then watch planes fly by.
 The traffic patterns were just about right to catch a few planes coming out of Metro Airport.  This is a Boeing 717.
 The Cessnas out of Ann Arbor Airport were doing touch and goes.  I know that each of these have appeared on this blog before.
 I think they all belong to the Michigan Flyers.
 I like this color scheme.
 An Airbus A319.
 The Cessna again.
 Another Cessna.
 Just before lunch was over, the 747's appeared.  I think this one was headed to Narita in Japan.
 And this one was headed to Korea.
I'm not sure what kind of plane this was, but I like the pattern.

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