Monday, February 6, 2017

A Super Afternoon with the Heavies

After catching the Wolverine, I decided to head over to Metro Airport to catch the various heavy aircraft that come in around noon or so.
 First up was this not so heavy Airbus 320 operated by Spirit Airlines coming in from Orlando, Florida.  It kind of brought warm weather with it as it wasn't too bad yesterday or today.
 Next up was a CRJ-900 operated by American Airlines arriving from Charlotte.
 This 737 was coming from St. Louis.
 The first plane that was waiting for was the Virgin Atlantic Airbus A330 arriving from London.  Over the radio it is known as Virgin 107 Kilo Heavy.  It is a daily flight that lasts roughly 8 hours.
 This Airbus A330 was coming in from Amsterdam.  This flight lasts a little longer than the Virgin Flight above but it was following closely behind.
 The oddest flight of the day was this Learjet 35 arriving from Ypsilanti.  I'm pretty sure it was a re positioning flight of some sort.  The flight probably took longer than expected because the plane had to line up in the pattern.
 It was also unusual in that it used 21R to land.  I don't normally see planes coming into this runway but it was kind of neat to get some of the towers in the picture.
 This particular 767 was arriving from Frankfurt.
 It was serving as Delta Flight 87.
 Another angle of the 767.
 Next up was Delta 99 flying in from Paris.
 This Embrear 175 was arriving from O'Hare Airport.
 Next up was a 757-300 that was arriving from LAX.
 Then there was this 737 arriving from McCarran Airport in Las Vegas.
 And this Airbus A320 was arriving from Bradley International Airport in Connecticut.
 Arriving from Louisville was this Embrear 170.
 And this 757 was coming in from San Francisco.
 I'm not sure where this Spirit Airlines Airbus was coming from.
 Another Embrear 170 operated by United Express.
 This Airbus A330 belonged to Lufthansa and was coming from Frankfurt.
 I was getting ready to leave when I saw this 747 was coming in. 
 It was arriving from Shanghai.  And it was cool to have it pass almost overhead.
One more shot before leaving.

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