Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Stop at Grand Haven

So I made it to Grand Haven except that it was getting pretty late.
 The river was fairly smooth and that made for some nice reflections.
 It was a nice enough day that there were a bunch of people on the pier.  Except I don't think they were supposed to be as there was a fence between the pier and the shore.  They are going to renovate it.
 I was kind of hoping they would keep it clear.
 The catwalk is being stored away somewhere and I think they are going to put it back after the renovations are done.  I think it also needs some work.
 I think the people were starting to clear off or at least I could get the right angles.
 Then I tried to go to a spot where I could get some of the rocks in the picture.
 This is probably my favorite shot.  I should have waited a bit to get some of the lights in the picture.

 I went to another spot where I could get some different angles.

One more shot before leaving.

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