Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Eastern Michigan Vs. Northern Illinois Basketball - Men's

I'm finally getting around to doing my pictures from the weekend.  I had sort of a busy weekend and kind of spent last night catching up to it.  So let's start with Saturday, I went to both Eastern Michigan basketball games.  First up was the men's game.  As always, I'm posting pictures surrounding the game.  For actual game shots, go to Hustle Belt.
 It was kind of a good day to go to a basketball game because the cold weather was kind of catching up to us again.  It even started to snow a little later.
 It was also a pretty windy day.
 Mark Montgomery is the current Northern Illinois basketball coach.  He was hired there in 2011 and has since acquired a 74 and 106 record.  Prior to that, he was an assistant coach at Michigan State  and helped lead them to three final four appearances.  Prior to that, he was an assistant at Central Michigan.  He played basketball at Michigan State  and was a member of the 1990 Big Ten Championship Squad.  He played some professional ball in Europe for 4 years.  As I write this, Northern Illinois is 14-10 overall and 6-5 in the MAC.  Last year, he was 21-13 overall and 9-9 in the MAC.  That was enough to get him to the Vegas Tournament.
 The EMU dance team look good as always.
 This was probably my favorite shot of the dance team.
 Raven Lee getting mugged on his way to the basket.  After a seven game losing streak, the Eagles finally looked like the team that I was expecting them to look like.  Raven's scoring was sparked by three three pointers in a row.  I think he ended the game with over 20 points.  Eastern ended up winning pretty handily.

 A few more shots of the dance team from the halftime show.
 After the dance team, they had a young basketball team play sort of a game.  It was pretty fun to watch and the kids actually looked pretty good.
 A pretty nice shot.
 An overall shot of the stadium.  As you can see, there aren't really that many people here.  I kind of wish the teams would get more support.
 As I make this post, Eastern Michigan has an overall 14-15 record and is 6-10 in the MAC.  This was after a pretty strong start in the MAC.  I think they are going to have to put together a nice run in the MAC Tournament to go to the NCAA Tournament.  Short of that, I don't think they are going to any other tournaments.
 James Thompson at the free throw line.  He's been living up to expectations this season.  In fact, I think he may have exceeded those expecations.
 I kind of liked the reflections in the court.
I like this picture well enough but I really wish I would pay more attention to the trailing player.  Barring a miracle, Friday night will be my last game of the season because I think they will be playing away for the MAC tournament.

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