Monday, February 20, 2017

Return to the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge

So I decided to return to the Ottawa Natioanl Wildlife Refuge yesterday.  I was hoping to get some better pictures of the eagles.  I ended up leaving a little earlier because I heard they are more active in the morning and evening.
 The moon was still showing when I arrived at the park.  I kind of liked the scene, so I took a picture of it.
 One of the eagles watching over the nest.
 Sadly that was as close as I could get because parts of the park were closed. 
 A pair of swans flying towards me.
 It wasn't too long before I saw a juvenile eagle.  I think this one is about 4 years old because the white is starting to appear on its head.
 Another juvenile eagle.  I think this one is a little bit younger.
 Another shot of that one.
 A bird of a different sort.
 A flock of snow geese that was flying around.  I think these guys winter around the Gulf of Mexico and then fly back to the tundras of Canada.  The marshes of Lake Erie are a layover point for them.
 A trio of Canada Geese.
 A pair of swans.  They almost look like they are laughing.
 The same pair of swans in a different angle.
 A male and female mallard.
 A group of swans taking to flight.

 I think this is a snow goose.
Another juvenile eagle.

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