Thursday, February 16, 2017

Ohio Bobcats at Eastern Michigan - Basketball

So I went to the basketball game on Tuesday.  Eastern Michigan was coming off a four game losing streak and Ohio looked like just the team they need in order to snap that streak.  Prior to the game, Eastern Michigan was sitting and 13-12 but they were 5-7 in the MAC which is what really matters.  As always, these are pictures other than the game.  If you want to see my game shots, go to Hustle Belt.
 I made it in time to catch some of the warm ups.  This is Baylee Steele dunking the ball.  I think he has the potential to be a pretty good player.
 Coach Phillips of the Ohio Bobcats.
 The cheerleaders making a pyramid of sorts.
 The dance team at halftime.  They were pretty cool.
 It was kind of neat to watch.

 The end of the show.  Right after this, one of the other people proposed to one of the members of the dance team.  I was not expecting to catch that so I didn't get any pictures.
 Raven Lee trying to set up the offense.
 Coach Murphy during one of the breaks.  He was not a very happy camper.

This was my favorite picture from the game.  Ty Toney was going up for a basket.

Sadly, Eastern ended up losing.  It wasn't like they didn't have their opportunities to win the game either.  They were tied at halftime and even had the lead a couple of time.  I don't know how many time I watched them get the steal only to have the ball clank off the basket.  They don't have too many more opportunities to get a good seed in the MAC tournament.

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