Monday, February 6, 2017

Twilight Planewatching

The sun was still shining as I got out of work tonight.  So  I decided to head over to the airport to catch some golden light aircraft.
 First up was an Air France Airbus A330 coming in from Paris.  The sun was hiding behind the haze, so I wasn't quite getting the direct sunlight I was hoping for.
 Then there was this 737 landing on 22R.
 This Embrear 170 was arriving from LaGuardia.
 And this CRJ-200 was arriving from Philly.
 Next up was an Airbus A319 coming in from Charlotte.
 A Delta Embrear 170.
I was most happy when I saw that a 757 was coming in.  I was hoping that the light would hold long enough for me.
I think I need to work a little bit on getting some dusk shots.  I would love to have the shaft of light a little more.
An Airbus A320.
I was getting ready to leave when I saw a couple more planes coming in.  This was a Boeing 717 which is a descendant of the DC-9.
And we end with an Airbus A320 belonging to Jet Blue.

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