Monday, February 13, 2017

Clouds and Planes

I decided to head over to the airport yesterday.  It was pretty cloudy and I was hoping that I would get a little bit of weather with my planes.  It was pretty windy and that made things kind of interesting.
 I barely made it in time to catch the Virgin Atlantic plane.  I didn't have time to change lenses but fortunately the planes fly close enough that it wasn't much of a problem.
 There was a fair amount of wind and that was causing issues for the smaller planes.
 A CRJ belonging to Trans State Airlines. 
 This is a pretty nice livery.  I like the different animals they have on the tail.
 The Spirit in the Sky.
 I also like the Southwest livery.  I think this plane was arriving from Midway Airport.
 A CRJ belonging to Delta.
 I kind of like getting the McDonald's sign in my pictures.
 The 737.
 This 767 was arriving from Frankfurt, Germany.
 Another 737 belonging to Southwest.
 An Airbus A330.  I think this one was arriving from Charles DeGaulle Airport in Paris, France.
 The Jackpot plane coming in from Shanghai.
 The Lufthansa A330 arriving from Frankfurt as well.  I wonder if this plane races the Delta plane.
 And of course, my favorite the 757.
 Another Airbus A330.  I think this one was coming in from Amsterdam.
 The Boeing 717, which is a derivative of the DC-9.
 Another 757.  I think this one was coming in from San Francisco.
 A Delta 737.
 Another Boeing 717.
 If I remember correctly, this is an Airbus A319 that belongs to American Airlines.  A few years ago, they decided to make a few planes that wear the liveries of the airlines that were acquired to make American Airlines.
This particular plane is wearing the colors of Allegheny Airlines.  Allegheny began in 1939 as All American Aviation company and delivered mail.  It was founded by the du  Pont family.  In 1949, it became All American Airways as it started carry passengers as well.  In 1953, it became Allegheny.
After deregulation, it became USAir as it wanted to shed it's regional airline image.  It would later become US Airways and in 2015 merge with American Airlines.
I kind of wish that Delta would do heritage colors.  There are quite a few airlines that fall under their umbrella.  I also wish that airlines would bring back black noses.
 I think this was an MD-88 coming in for a landing.  You can see the moisture trailing behind it.
 Another 757, I think this particular one was coming in from Orlando.
 And of course, I had to stick around for the 747 arriving from Tokyo.
 I think Alaska Airlines also has a pretty neat livery. 
 The "taxi" Spirit plane.
 Another Airbus A330.
 An A319 belonging to United.  I think this particular one was coming from O'Hare.
 An Airbus A320 belonging to American Airlines.
And we end with a 737 belonging to Southwest.

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