Monday, June 30, 2014

A Brief Stop in Clare

After picking up my dad and since it was on the way, I decided to make a stop in Clare.
 Clare is a nice little town.
 But the reason I stopped was for doughnuts at Cops and Doughnuts.  Of course I had to get a picture of the shop.
 The Doherty Hotel.  I think it's a kind of nice looking hotel although I wish they would have kept the old school windows.
 The Marquee for the movie theater.  I'm not sure how one screen theaters are going to survive in the digital age though.
 The Whitehouse Restaurant has really good hamburgers.  I'm going to have to stop there again.
 However, Cops and Doughnuts was my destination.  It used to be known as the City Bakery but it fell on hard times.  Some members of the Clare Police Force grouped their money together and saved the bakery.  I'd have to say that's pretty cool.
 I love this sign.
 They have a pretty good selection of other baked goods as well.
 But it's the doughnuts they are famous for.
 They have different types of police paraphenelia.  This one caught my eye.
 An attempt at a reflective piece.
I tried to get a better angle of the shop but the truck pulled in just as I was taking the picture.  The doughnuts were pretty good but I think I like Dom's better still.

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