Monday, June 23, 2014

The Air Force Museum Memorial Park

I was going to go to Fort Wayne, Indiana for a Civil War re-enactment yesterday but the hot humid weather convinced me otherwise.  So  I decided to head down to Dayton instead since it's been a while since I've been down there.  Since the clouds were kind of looming, it seemed like a good day for it.
 Next to the Museum is a Memorial Park dedicated to the different groups of the US Air Force (and Army Air Corps).  This statue is dedicated to the men charged with protecting Air Force bases around the world.
 This one was dedicated to a group that served in Egypt during World War II.
 The groups that served in the Far-East during World War II.  I think that is a P-40 at the top.
 Silouettes of the Mustang and Spitfire.
 I don't remember what this was dedicated to, but I liked the planes on top.

 A statue dedicated to the B-26 pilots.
 The front part of the statue.
 I never noticed this before, but it represents the bombsite.
 A statue dedicated to all the airmen who have received the Medal of Honor.
A representation of the Medal of Honor.

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