Monday, June 9, 2014

We Gotta Lay Down the Tracks...

I decided to change my layout a little bit.  I ended up setting up the yard portion to one side of my layout and the town to the other part.
 The only spur that goes into town is just the one that goes in front of the train station.  This will exclusively be used by my Amtrak train.  I'm actually thinking about changing out the cars to make it into a proper Wolverine.
 A little closer shot of that.  I also have an Ann Arbor Railroad Box Car as a sort of gate guardian for the depot.
 A shot of my yard.  This will be used by my freight trains.  It seems to make a little more sense.  Eventually I plan on adding a grain elevator or something to that effect.
 Just trying to get an angle like I would for a real train.
 A shot of the town itself.  Eventually I plan to re-do these buildings to make them more in scale but I'm fine with them for now.
 A shot of the yard.  The Norfolk-Southern Engine from Altoona, PA.  The CN to represent my favorite stop along the way to the Falls.
 BNSF and Union Pacific engines.
And taking the long view of my layout.

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