Sunday, June 8, 2014

Boats and Other Assorted Miscellany

It was a pretty slow day on the river as far as commerical vessels was concerned but it was pretty busy day for other vessels.
 A picture of the Huron Lightship from where the boatnreds first gathered.
 The variety of pleasure craft is amazing.  It's also amazing how fast a boat of this size can move.
 The Sheriff's boat going out to look for miscreants.
 Another pleasure craft.
 The Huron Lady passing by.  One of the things we were going to do yesterday was to take a cruise on her.  It was $5 day and apparently long sold out before we got our tickets.  I guess I'll have to make it a point to take this cruise some day.
 A shot of her pilothouse.
 I don't remember what ship this anchor came from, but I think it is from a sunken ship near Port Huron.
 The Canadian flag flying over the International Flag Plaza.  I kind of like the Canadian Flag.
 The Blue Water statue.
 This sculpture was built last year in commeration of the Storm of 1913.  It was a storm that occurred in November of that year and it caught many ships unprepared and subsequently sank many of those ships.  There were 19 ships sank during that storm, another 19 that were stranded and 250 lives lost.
 The other side of that sculpture.
 Looking down at the Blue Water Bridge.
 Looking at the Blue Water Bridge from another angle.
 A statue of Thomas Edison as a boy.  He used to work in a railroad depot in Port Huron.  It was there that he started to mess around with electricity.
 A shot of his face.
 A shot of a passenger car in front of that Depot.  The depot is now a museum but I have yet to go in it.
 Taking the long view of the Bridge.
 A US Coast Guard boat going out on patrol.
 A sailboat coming into the river.  This was the only one that I saw under sail.  I like seeing sailboats under sail.
 A shot of both the American Flag and Canadian Flag.
 Looking up at one of the pillars of the Bridge.
 From a different angle.
 Then we went to St. Clair for a bit to catch the ship in the next post.  They have a little flower garden near that spot.  This is some kind of iris, I think.
 Another angle of that flower.
 Another type of iris.
 Another type of pleasure boat.
 The Canadian Coast Guard doing Coast Guard things.
 I was amazed at how fast this pontoon boat was moving.
 A wall of water splashing around a boat after it crashed back to the water.
 A speed boat speeds by. will go out and fill your boat...for a fee.

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