Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Brief Visit to the Capitol Building

So Thursday I headed up to the Soo for Engineer's Day on Friday.  I had to pick up my dad who lives near Lansing.  I left fairly early and as I looked at the light as I was approaching Lansing, I figured it would make for some nice pictures of the Capitol Building.
 But first I had to take pictures of the sculptures around the Capitol Building.  This is probably my favorite.
 A closeup of that statue.
 A statue dedicated to the Michigan folks that fought in the Spanish American War.
 And I wasn't disappointed by the light.  The Capitol Building looked radiant.  I kind of like the way the Austin Blair statue looks in this picture.
 Austin Blair was the Governor of Michigan during the Civil War.  He was one of the largest contributors to the Union's cause during that war.
 Another angle of the building.
 Just trying different ways of framing the shot.
 Looking up at the Boji Tower.
 The George Romney Building houses many state offices.  He was a Governor of Michigan.  He was also President of American Motors and father of Mitt Romney.
The Lansing City Hall is across the street from the Romney Building.

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