Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Crazyness on the River

I'm going to break up my ship posts with just some of the randomness seen while waiting for ships.
 A fishing boat on the way somewhere.  I think there is pretty decent fishing on the St. Clair River.  I'd imagine there's perch and walleye at least.
 These guys don't seem to mind the fish.
 It's always cool when you see a speedboat.
 And then of course, there are always seagulls.
 A boat of another sort.
 I kind of liked the name of this boat.
 This flag either means a Van Halen album or there's actually a diver here.
 Looking between the twin spans of the Blue Water Bridge.
 And here's our diver...only he's not down at this point.
And one more shot of the Blue Water Bridge.

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