Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Roger Blough Passes Algonac

I couldn't pass up on an opportunity to catch the Blough especially since I had a chance to catch her.
 I think if traffic had gone to plan a little better, I could have caught her at Marine City.  As it was, I barely caught her at Algonac.  I was still happy that I caught her in time to get a head shot.
 She's heading down to Conneaut, Ohio to deliver taconite.  I think she picked up her load from Two Harbors.  With any luck, I might be able to catch her heading back upbound during the Boatnerd event in Port Huron on Saturday.
 She passes the much smaller Virginiaborg.
 I like her look she she is loaded down.  I think she looks like a snapping turtle.
 She gives me a beam shot.
 And a better beam shot.
She continues on her way down the river.  As  I said, I think I will have a chance to catch her on Saturday.

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