Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Gray Skies and Yellow Flowers

So I woke up this morning to thunderstorms.  As I was heading to work, I looked up at the skies and thought they looked pretty cool.
 Right after I parked the car, I took this shot.  I kind of liked it but I didn't think the skies looked ominous enough.
 So I put the camera in manual and went for a slightly darker picture.  I like it well enough.
 Then I saw the lines from our building but I should have kept the settings from the other pictures.
 Then I took some pictures of the flowers in front of the building.  I liked the look of the droplets on them.
 From another angle.
 After lunch, I decided to take a walk around the building.  I don't think I've ever seen a green pine cone before.
 So I got a pair from another angle.  I can say that spring is definately here.
 Some milkweek.  Wish the seeds were still in them though.
 A thistle.
 I forget what kind of flowers these are.
 I kind of liked the field of goldenrod set against the evergreens.  I even got enough of an angle so I didn't get the Ann Arbor News building in this shot.
 A daisy.
 I liked the look of these flowers.
 Another daisy.  I kind of liked the branch going across it.
Another flower we have in front of the office.

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