Monday, June 30, 2014

The H. Lee White Passes Under the Bridge

I was heading up to the Soo for Engineer's Day, which also meant that I was heading up there to watch ships.  As I was stopped at the Bridge, I saw that my shipwatching would start a little earlier than expected.
 I actually wasn't expecting the H. Lee White, so at first I thought she was the St. Clair, which I was expecting.  It's just as well.  Many people do not like this style of ship and I honestly don't mind them so much.
 I love the paint scheme of the American Steamship Ships.  I just wish that they would send out their classic lakers.
 The White approaches the Bridge.
 And she starts to pass under it.
And she passes under the Bridge.  This is probably my favorite type of shot for the Bridge.

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