Sunday, June 15, 2014

More Messing Around With My Trains

I decided to take a few pictures of my trains this morning.  I wanted to try some long shots where I could get a string of cars in focus.  Not sure how well it worked though.
 Just a shot of three of my engines.  I kind of like the picture but I wish the Norfolk Southern engine were a little more in focus.
 Looking down between two trains.  This was the view I was talking about in the introduction.  The only problem is that I had a pretty small aperature which meant a longer exposure time.  It was tough.
 Trying a different angle.  At least it looks the cars go on forever.
 The other pair of engines.  I still want to get a Union Pacific engine with the flag on it.
 My Norfolk Southern engine from Altoona.
 Yesterday I went to the train store to get some new cars.  This one from the Ann Arbor Railroad caught my eye.  This is from the old iteration of that railroad.
 The logo kind of looks like a train ferry which is appropriate since that iteration of the Ann Arbor Railroad used lots of them.
 Then I took my CSX train out for a spin to get some better pictures of it.
 This is closer to what I was looking for.  I got a few of the cars in focus.

One more shot of the engine.

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