Thursday, June 12, 2014

Messing Around With My Trains

So I decided to mess around with my trains tonight.  I was thinking I wanted to try to get some light streaks going.
 But first a picture to just get a focus.
 First I tried with just the train passing by.  That wasn't quite the effect i was looking for, especially since you couldn't quite tell.
 So then I tried a more oblique angle.  That worked a little better but first a picture for focus.
 Then I tried panning.  I kind of like the effect.  Gives a pretty abstract train.
 Then I tried messing around with my flash.  I didn't like the effect because it was going off at the beginning of the exposure.  I figured there had to be a mode where I could set it so that it would go off later in the exposure.  And there was.  So I set it for the mode where it would go off at the beginning and end.
 Then I decided I needed another train.  I kind of like this one a little better.
 Afterwards, I decided to try it with the lights off.  I figured it would give me a lit train with a light streak.
 I looked at my other trains for one that had more lights and I settled on my BNSF engine.  It either looks like a ghost train or it's coming out of warp.
And one with the lights off.

I'll have to see if there is a way to make it so the flash will go off in other points of the exposure.  I would like the train focused in the middle with streaks on either end.

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