Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Another Giant...the James R. Barker

After seeing the lovely Kaye E. Barker, it's only fitting that we see her husband...the James R. Barker.
 The giant ship starts to make her turns towards the channel.  It's kind of amazing how big she looks against the backdrop of Lake Huron.
 The three quarters view.
 She starts to approach the Blue Water Bridge.
 And she passes under the Blue Water Bridge.  While not quite as close as they pass in Duluth, it's not too bad.
 She heads down the river.
 A shot of 2000 feet worth of ship.
 One more shot.
 I caught up with her again in St. Clair.  This is probably my favorite angle for ship pictures because I think it looks the most dramatic.
 And she starts to pass by.
 Almost a beam shot.
And a shot of her pilothouse.

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