Sunday, June 8, 2014

And the Lakes Contender

It's funny, I saw her the first time about two weeks ago.  Since then I have seen her two times.
 What I'm talking about is the tug Ken Boothe Sr and her barge the Lakes Contender.
 She starts to make her turn towards the Lake.
 One of the things that I like about this spot is the opportunity you get for a headshot.
 She starts to move past.
 A person enjoying the breeze at the front of the ship.
 Another shot.
 A closeup of her front.
 The tug.  I kind of like the color scheme on this tug.
 A shot of her profile.
 And a shot of the pilothouse.  I like the box of Cheez-Its in the window.
 Her stack.

She works her way into Lake Huron towards Calcite where she will pick up a load of limestone.

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