Saturday, June 14, 2014

The John D. Leitch Passes the Rocky Beach

So next up is the John D. Leitch. 
Many people call her an ugly boat.  I don't consider her ugly...ungainly maybe but not ugly.
 She approaches the channel and passes Windmill Point.
 She makes her turn to enter the River.  I kind of like this spot because you get a decent headshot.  Not as good as some of them in Port Huron though.
 The turn complete, she makes her way towards the Detroit River.
 It looks like she is staring at the orange ball is about ready to shoot it with her laser eyes.
 She gets closer.  It was a beautiful day today and the water was a nice shade of blue.
 She passes by, giving the beam shot.
And then she heads off to Hamilton, Ontario.

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