Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Giant...the Edgar B. Speer

Next up is one of the thirteen thousand footers that sail on the Great Lakes.
 Sporting a new paint job is the Edgar B. Speer.  She's appeared on this blog a few times in the past.  She is the fleetmate to the Edwin Gott but she has a similar self unloader to the Cort and Blough.
 She approaches the Blue Water Bridge.  It was a pretty nice day for taking ship pictures.
 A shot of her pilothouse.
 I was trying for a different angle this time.  So here's a shot as she passes under the Bridge.
 And then she heads down the river.
 She makes her turn in the channel.
 I caught her again at St. Clair.  This time, I tried to get a full beam shot but it didn't quite work.
 A shot of her pilothouse.
 And another.
 In this picture is over 3,000 feet worth of ship.  In the front, you have the Gott.  Docked at the power plant is the Mesabi Miner.  Hiding somewhere behind the power plant is the James R. Barker waiting to take the Mesabi Miner's place.  This shot was from Marine City.
 Another attempt at a beam shot.
 Here she is approaching Algonac State Park.
 I didn't try for a beam shot this time, so I left my large lens on.
 A shot of her bow.
 A closeup of her pilothouse.  Looking at the people up there give you a perspective on her side.
 A pulled back shot of her pilothouse.
 I'm not sure what this is.
 And her hatch crane.  This is used to lift her cargo hatches.
 The load lines.  The diamond next to that is a stamp from the engineering company that certified her.
 Another shot of her pilothouse.
 Old Glory waving proudly behind her.
And she passes down the river.

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