Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Brief Stop in Fostoria

After the game, I decided to head down to Fostoria since it's not that far away from Toledo.  My dad was never there before, so I figured I would show him.
 It didn't take too long for the first train to appear.  It was an eastbound Norfolk Southern train.  One of these I would love to learn the designations and maybe figure out a schedule.  At any rate, it was pretty cool.
 I didn't have time to go to my normal spot though but this worked for me, especially since the light was hitting it just about right.
 and it passed.
 This train was heading west and then started to head north on this track.  I think it is going to Toledo.
 A shot of the signal.
 Another eastbound NS train.  I think this one might have been returning cars to a yard.
 At anyrate, it was a nice enough day for it.
 anotehr shot.
 And then we caught a southbound CSX train.  I thought maybe it might make a turn for the west but it didn't.
As it crossed the street.

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