Tuesday, October 27, 2015

McGulpin Point Lighthouse

McGulpin Point is due west of Mackinaw City.  If you get on the main road and head to the west until the road ends and then turn right you will find it.  Just before the hill, there is the lighthouse.
 The lighthouse itself first became operational in 1869 (which makes it 100 years older than me).  It was built at a cost of $20,000 and operated until 1906.  The only lighthouse keeper there was named James Davenport and he would report ice conditions in the Straits, this helped in judging when shipping season would start.
The lighthouse was closed in 1906 and the building served as a private residence.  In 2008, the lighthouse was bought by Emmit County and restored to its current condition.  It is cool to see that this was restored.

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