Thursday, October 15, 2015

Wandering Around Ann Arbor

After going to the Pop-X exhibit, I decided to take a walk around Ann Arbor for a bit.  It was a nice night but a little on the chilly side.
 I can never pass up a picture of the Michigan Theater.  I love the look of the sign and the building.
 I kind of liked the way this tavern sign was rising in the air.  I really liked the neon martini glasses.
 As I was taking a picture of this neon sign, my eye was caught by the interior of the store.  As I was taking pictures on the inside, someone got a little miffed about it.  So I wont post those pictures even though I like them.
 The Mural Alley by the Michigan Theater.
 Looking up at the Michigan sign.
 Looking up at the State Theater sign.
 The display window of Moe's Sports Shop.  Moe's sells Michigan articles.  It is celebrating 100 years this year apparently. 
 A shot of the Burton Memorial Tower.
 ESPN's Game Day is going to be in town for the Michigan-Michigan State game.  Michigan is ranked Number 12 and Michigan State is ranked Number 7, so this is the first time in a long time this game has had some national relevance.  I am really hoping that Michigan wins but I'm not sure they are there yet even though they have had three shutouts in a row.
 A shot of the US Flag near the center of the diag.
 The Graduate Library.
 A Michigan Flag.  I was losing my light, so it might be a little blurry.
 Another shot of the library.
 Looking down the hallway of Nickels Arcade.
 Another angle of that.
This was in the window of one of the shops.  It is signed by former coach Lloyd Carr.

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