Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Fog Shrouded Bridge

I decided to stop at the park in Mackinaw City because I saw that the Blough was making her way towards the Bridge.  The weather was pretty iffy and it was raining, so I was hoping my light would hold up before the Blough appeared.
More troublesome than the light, was the fact that there was quite a bit of fog in the area.  I took this shot from McGulpin Point and you can barely make out the Bridge.
 One thing about rough weather is that it makes for nice pictures.  I'm pretty sure that I have 1000 pictures of the Mackinac Bridge but it's always nicer to get pictures of something with weather in it because the weather is always unpredictable.
 As I was messing with different angles and stuff, I realized that the fog wouldn't be an issue for pictures of the Blough.  In fact, I think they would help.
 In fact, I think the fog might have been lifting for a bit.
 Probably one of my favorite angles of the Bridge.
 Trying to frame it with some of the trees.
And one more before leaving.

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