Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Day Starts With the Great Lakes Trader

On Sunday I decided to head up to Port Huron.   When I checked AIS the night before, there looked like there would be a couple of ships that I wanted to catch.  As the day progressed, that number grew considerably.   I certainly ended up catching an example of just about everything that sails on the Great Lakes.
 A day has to start somewhere and my day started with a tug/barge.  This vessel was coming down as I was pulling to Port Huron.  I wasn't sure if I would catch her or not.
 The Joyce Van Enkevort/Great Lakes Trader combination has been on this blog before.  The Van Enkevort is the tug portion of this pair.
 When I first saw these vessels, I thought they looked odd and they couldn't quite compete with a proper ship, but I will admit these have grown on me.  They still don't have the beauty of a classic laker, but they float and they are ships, so I'll take them.
 Generally, the tugs look pretty cool though.  I would love to catch a picture of one outside of its charge though.
And the pair continues down the River.

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