Thursday, October 29, 2015

And the Algoma Discovery Makes an Appearance

There weren't alot of ships of Saturday but they were fairly steady.  It seemed like the ships had either passed through the night or were approaching after dark but still, I saw a few.
 I took a nap after watching the Michipicoten because it was going to be a couple of hours before the Algoma Discovery appeared.  Plus, I wasn't feeling terribly well (This has been plaguing me all week and the reason why I wont have football pictures tonight).  After a refreshing nap, I saw that the Discovery was starting to enter the Locks, so I walked over there to catch her.
 You never really just how big the ships are until you are right next to them.  They look so small as they are out on the water somewhere.  Even when they pass close near Port Huron, they still don't look overwhelming.
 Until you look up at one and you see it towering over you.  Here you can see a hint of her former name, the Daviken.
 You get a bigger clue of their size, as you see crew members on them or next to them.  This looks almost like a two story building.
 I kind of liked this ship drawing.
 And her plimsoll lines.
And then you tack on another 4 or 5 stories worth of pilothouse.
 It just towers over you.
 A shot of her Algostack.
 Another shot of her pilothouse.
 The Maple Leaf flying in the breeze.
 Her stern.
 I decided to head up to the Observation Deck in order to catch her there.  I never noticed this sign before.  It comes in pretty handy for gaging when ships will be where.
 A shot of her from the observation deck.
 Looking forward.
 Wandering around the Locks a bit.
 A propellor from an old ship.
 Next I headed downriver to catch her there.
 She makes the turn towards Mission Point.
 Like I said, the clouds were pretty cool.
 Another shot of her pilothouse.
 And she continues down the river.
 Next I headed to a new spot to catch her.  If you go to 15 Mile Road and follow it to the end, you will see a bar.  Turn left at the bar and that will lead you to a nice little park.  From that park, you can get a decent view of both upbound and downbound ships.  Here we see the Discovery passing our next subject.
 While they are ways out, I think this makes for a nice picture spot.
 The cool looking clouds.
And she continues on her way.  She picked up wheat in Thunder Bay and is taking it to Montreal.  There another ship will pick it up and take it overseas.

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