Sunday, October 18, 2015

Eastern Michigan Versus Toledo Football - In Pictures

I ended up going down to Toledo yesterday in order to catch the football game between Eastern Michigan and the Toledo Rockets.  I had a slight hope that maybe Eastern might be able to pull off the upset but those were pretty long odds given that Toledo broke the top 25 and Eastern wallows somewhere in the bottom 25.  The weather was a little chilly but at least it wasn't raining.

As always, these are shots outside of the game.  If you are looking for game shots go to Eagle Totem.
 The Ottawa River passes through campus and I thought this was a pretty nice shot.
 This was bought from the US Army in 1961.  I think this is a Nike-Ajax missile and supposedly it is aimed in such a way that it would hit Bowling Green's stadium at the 50 yard line.
 The Glass Bowl was originally known as University Stadium and was built in 1936 using funds form the Works Progress Administration.  It originally held 8,000 people.
 Shortly after World War II, the stadium was renovated and was given it's current name.  Various expansions would bring it's capacity up to 18,500 in 1971 (at which point Toledo was on a 35 game win streak).
 In 1990, the press box was added along with club seating.  I will have to say this was a pretty nice facility.  Current capacity is 26,000 people.
 The helmet that Eastern was wearing for the game.
 The Toledo band taking the field prior to the game.  I will have to admit that they were pretty good.
 The flag girls.
 I kind of liked this pattern.
 The Toledo band is one of the largest groups on Campus. 
 another shot of the band.
 The Blue Crew is a group of students that attend every game.  Their identities are kept secret until their senior year.
 Raising the flag.
 Returning the colors.
 One more shot of the band.
 This person was made the Eastern wrench bearer for the game and I think he was pretty excited.
 the band at halftime.
 It was a weird weather day yesterday.  It was cold to start out, then there was snow and then the sun came out.  Oh well, at least it wasn't raining.
 One of my favorite shots from the game.  Darius Jackson breaks free for Eastern's first touchdown.
 One of the Toledo cheerleaders.
 Rocky the Rocket which is one of Toledo's mascots.
University Hall features fairly prominent on the campus and was built in 1931.

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