Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Stop at Jackson Railyard

I went to my aunt's for her birthday party today and since it was on the way, I decided to make a stop at the Jackson Railyard.
 There aren't a ton of trains here but it seems like they aren't moving on the weekends.  Or at least, they weren't moving today.
 The lighting was just about right since I was shooting from the right side.
 It seems like Norfolk-Southern takes pretty good care of their engines.  You don't see a ton of rust on them.
 The ES-40 is probably my favorite style of modern train.
 While it is not quite as rounded as the classic diesel engines, it still looks kind of like a face.
 And if you try to play beat the train and lose, it's a face that will mess you.
 Although the more utilitarian looking diesels are pretty cool too.
 Back to the first one.
 This one was sitting in the yard all alone.
 Like I said, it's a pretty small yard.  I couldn't stay to catch the passing Wolverine though.
I kind of liked the flag in the background, so I took another picture of this one.

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