Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The CWB Marquis Comes Up Next

Next up is not a classic laker, but still a pretty neat looking ship all the same.
 The CWB Marquis is one of the new ships that was built in China.  For that reason, there are many people that don't like her.  While I don't agree with building ships in China, I do think she's a pretty cool looking ship.
 Maybe not as cool as the classic lakers but still pretty cool.
 Actually, I love the size of her windows, it seems like it would be helpful in navigating many of the rivers and harbors that a Great Lakes ship has to negotiate.
 This particular ship is owned by the Canadian Wheat Board and will be carrying wheat from Thunder Bay to ports where other ships can take it to other countries.
 I love the look of that logo.
 A shot of her bow.
 And I really love that saying.
It's odd to see a ship registered in a port she will never likely visit.  And in the case of Winnepeg, it's not even a port.

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