Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Sunrise Presque Isle

As the Cort was making her way into the Locks, the Presque Isle was making her way out of the Locks to head towards the Lower Lakes.
 One thing nice about catching ships at either sunrise or sunset is that if you can catch them at the right angle relative to the sun, they look quite nice.  The sun was still starting to peek over the horizon but it gives the nice pinks in the superstructure.
 You can see her being supplied by the Ojibway.
 I headed down to Mission Point to catch her passing there.  She is pretty nice looking for being a tug/barge.  Most of the time, you can barely tell that is what she is.
 A shot of the tug portion.
 And she passes by.
And she heads down the St Marys River.

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