Saturday, August 27, 2016

A Day With Trains

I decided to head up to Durand today.  There wasn't much action on the water and it looked kind of threatening weather wise.  I remembered that there was a nice overhang at the train station in Durand, so I could take pictures in relative peace and dryness.
 Apparently, Durand is not that terribly busy but it wasn't too long for me to see a train.  I think I've read that they get roughly 1 train per hour.  While not Fostoria numbers, that's not too bad.
 I don't get to see CN engines all that often in Fostoria though, so it was kind of cool to see one.  I like this scheme but it's still not as cool as the NS scheme.
 I believe this train is one of the locals.  It transfers cars from yard to yard.
 It was cool to see it.
 I think this plane was on its way to Flint Bishop Airport but I'm not sure.  I decided to check and it does look like they do.
 the back engine.
 I kind of like having people in my train shots.
 I really like it when I can get a decent picture of the signals with the train.
 Kind of a cool angle for the station.  There were a few railfans there today.
 Catching another train.
 I kind of like the views here.
 The first engine in this post picked up a few cars and was taking them back somewhere.
A friendly wave from the engineer.

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