Sunday, August 14, 2016

Meeting the CSL Welland

It wasn't too long after arriving at the Westcott that I got to go out meet up with a ship.
 As we arrived at the dock, the CSL Welland was tied up at Sterling Fuel.  I assume she was getting fuel.  I didn't know how long she was there, so I didn't know when she was leaving.
 Maybe about a half hour later, she left the Sterling Dock and started to head upbound.  Our first delivery was going to be pizzas.  They smelled pretty good.
 It was a beautiful day for a boat ride, even though it was a choppy day.
 Sam has been doing this a while.  And you can tell that he loves his job.
 As you watch a ship on the river, you have a vague idea of her size. 
 However, when you are right next to one, you have a really good idea of their size.  It's pretty amazing when you are in touching distance of a moving three story (at least) building.
 The boat is carefully maneuvered next to the ship.
 The crew drops a container down to the deck of the Westcott.
 And the important delivery is lifted up to the ship.
 Again, another idea of the scale we are talking about here.
 The CSL Welland goes on her way.
 And we return to the dock.
Probably a view that you could only get in Detroit.

And I want to thank the crew of the CSL Welland for the indirect give of a Canada Steamship Lines hat.

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