Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Riding and Chasing the Pere Marquette 1225

I got to ride on the Pere Marquette 1225 on Sunday.  It was going from Howell, Michigan to roughly Cohoctah, Michigan.  The train rides were in conjunction with the melon festival in Howell.  I didn't see much of the festival though.
 I love trains but I really love steam engines.  There is just something magical about one.  As they get moving, it sounds like they are breathing and struggling to get going.  And then there is a cool sound as they are moving.
 Looking down the line. 
 This depot was built in 1886 by the Toledo, Ann Arbor and Northern Railroad.  In 1895, the line was renamed the Ann Arbor Railroad (not the same Ann Arbor Railroad that is around now but its predecessor).  The railroad would carry passengers from Toledo to the south and Frankfort to the north.  Passenger service ceased in 1951 and the depot was listed in both the State and National Historic Register in 1970.
 A caboose.
 The Conductor for the car we were on.  This was my first time riding on the Pere Marquette 1225 and I hope that is not the last time.  The people were pretty friendly.
 This guy was acting as a hobo.  He also had a guitar and played music during the trip.  The trip itself lasted an hour but it was still pretty cool.
 After riding on the train, I decided to chase it.  First I had to take a couple more pictures while I was at the depot.
 The almost head on shot while it wasn't moving.
 I had lunch and so I missed it where I wanted to catch it at first but I knew where it was going, so I went there.
 Made for a nice spot to catch a train.
 A diesel engine pulled it back to Howell.
 After wandering around, I decided to catch it again.  There was a spot I really wanted to catch it, but once again I missed it.
 So I was back at the same spot but a slightly different angle.

 Another shot of the diesel.
 I wanted to catch as it passed under M-59.  The third time was a charm and it was nice because there wasn't anyone around me.  I had the sweet spot all to myself.
 I think the only better angle would have been from a drone.
 and one more shot.
 Back to the other spot.  By this time, there were a ton of railfans in this spot.  They didn't want people in their shots, so I had to move down a little farther.  I was kind of fine with that because I think that I got a better angle than the other spot.  I caught the train right as it came out of the woods.  It was amazing watching them drive from spot to spot.  Crazy.
One more shot of the diesel.
I decided to catch her at one more spot as she headed back to Howell.  I kind of like the barn in the background.

I'm pretty sure that our paths will cross again.

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