Sunday, August 7, 2016

Next Up...the SCT Stockthorn

This is another ship that is making her first appearance on this blog.
 Sadly, I don't have many details on her, other than she's a tanker.
 Her name is the SCT Stockthorn and she has Swiss Registry but I can almost guarantee that she didn't come from Switzerland.
 But then again, there are many Great Lakes ships that are registered in Wilmington, Delaware or New York City and I'm pretty sure they haven't visited either of those spots.
 Other than needing some paint, she's a pretty nice looking ship.  She is certainly showing off the fact that she's a saltie.
 Yesterday, I think she was heading up to Sarnia.  As  I type this post now, she is on her way to Oakville near Toronto.
 Her Swiss Flag.
 As I looked up her stack in Know Your Ships, I noticed a similar stack belonging to Mega Chemical Tankers.  It seems that the company name has changed between now and when the Know Your Ships book was printed. 
 She was built in 2008 and can carry 19,950 tons of cargo.  She's 539 feet long.
 She gets approached by the pilot boat.
 A shot of her pilothouse.
 The pilot leaving the ship.
 A view of the Detroit Skyline.
 And the Ren Cen.
and one more shot of her.

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