Thursday, August 11, 2016

Some Odd Things

I got tired of I-94, so I decided to head south on US-127 and catch US-12 the rest of the way back.  That is the nice part of US-12 anyway.
 As I was approaching Irish Hills, I saw this odd looking barn.  I was going to pass it by but then I decided it may be one of those things I wont see again, so I turned around.  First I was greeted by this alien looking thing on a silo.
 It looked like a normal barn...mostly.
 Until you got the side with the mural of the Last Supper with rabbits (or something).
 It was still fairly picturesque.
And a shot from across the highway.


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cmadler said...

Last time I was up that way I saw some cool barn art on Stoddard Road just off Van Dyke (M-53) north of Kinde. Unfortunately Google's Street View of those roads is 8 years old, so it's not on there.