Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wandering to Durand

As I went down the road at Cohoctah, I noticed that one of the roads was named Durand Road.  I figured that meant I was pretty close to Durand, so I decided to take it.
 Durand has been on this blog before.  I should be on this blog more often as it sounds like it may be a decent place to catch trains.
 Sure enough, I managed to catch this trio of BNSF engines.
 Another shot of the grain elevator.
 I'll have to come back just to get better pictures of the depot.
 I kind of liked this shot.
 But I liked this one more.
 After one of my excursions chasing the Pere Marquette, I decided to return.  I managed to catch this pair of CN engines.
After they passed.

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