Friday, August 26, 2016

Stalking the 757

As I was heading to Detroit to catch the Blough, I saw a 757 in the Delta Skyteam livery landing.   I kind of wish I knew that was coming because I would have liked to catch that one.  It's probably a good thing since I would have missed the Blough.  I knew that there were a couple 757's coming later, so I decided to stop at the airport after the Blough.
 First up was an American Airlines Airbus 319 in American West livery.  I think this is the first heritage airplane I've seen flying from Detroit Metro.  It's kind of cool because I think our history is important and all too often it seems that airlines like to forget where they came from.  I believe that United Airlines has a couple of their planes in heritage colors.  At any rate, this plane is heading to Charlotte.
 I'm not sure where this plane arrived from, but it should be heading to Charlotte at some point.
 I think this is an MD-80 taking off, but I can't make out the tail number, so I'm not 100% sure.  I read an article that American is phasing out their MD-80's.  In fact, 20 of them flew to the boneyards earlier this week.  Just like seeing old ships go to the boneyard, it's sad to think that planes get old too.
 The Airbus taxiing.
 And I can't resist the Spirit in the sky.
 Even though this wasn't the 757 I was hoping to catch, it was still a 757.  As people who have followed this blog know, I love the 757.  I think it is one of the best looking passenger aircraft and it certainly one of the better looking aircraft period. 
 With a puff of smoke, the plane lands after a flight from Atlanta.
 I was kind of surprised to see it landing on 21R though.  I don't often see planes landing on this runway.
 She makes a taxi towards the ramp.

And she continues on her merry way.

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