Sunday, August 7, 2016

A Docking Great Republic

The next ship wasn't too far away.
 The Great Republic was just passing Belle Isle as I arrived.  That pretty much meant that it would be about 15 minutes or so before I saw her.
 I thought that she was headed down to Cleveland since that seems to be where she likes to call on.
 But it turns out that it wasn't to be.
 In fact, she was docking a little closer to me.  In fact, she was docking at the stone piles that were sitting next to me.  I guess someone opened a stone dock here about 6 months ago.
 So she started to make her turn for the dock.
 I'm not sure why they end up so they are heading up river but it is kind of neat.
 The straight on shot.
 And she works her way to the dock.
Apparently she started to use her bow and stern thrusters to move against the dock.  That way she could push straight against it.  It was pretty neat to watch.

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