Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Tugboat Ann Marie

As I was waiting for and wandering around looking for angles of the ship, I saw the Ann Marie doing tugboat things.
 The Ann Marie has appeared on this blog before.  I caught her in Essexville as I was catching the Stephen Roman at the cement plant.  She was waiting at the dock near there.  Apparently, she had been refloated after sinking nearby.
 The Ann Marie was built in 1954 for the US Air Force.  She was stationed at Elgin Air Force base in Florida.  In 1980, she was sold and renamed Lewis Castle.  She was acquired by Dawes Marine in 1998 and became the Apache.  She was bought by her current owners in 2001 and given her current name.
 She is used around the Great Lakes by Luedtke Engineering and typically she supports dredging operated.  In fact, that is what she was doing today.
 I'll have to admit, it was pretty neat watching her move the dredging barges around.
 However, you could see all of her horsepower when she was unencumbered, as she could book.
 However, she was meant for work and not speeding around.
 I do love the looks of tugs.

And I'm always happy when I catch one.

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