Sunday, August 14, 2016

Greeting the James L. Oberstar

Interestingly enough, the Oberstar was the first ship that I saw the Westcott visit all of those years ago.  So I guess it would be fitting that she would be one of the ships that we would greet during the day.
 I think my pictures from the shore are pretty nice but I think pictures from a boat are better.
 Granted, I'm getting roughly the same angles.  But it was nice being on a boat.
 the Westcott approached her.
 Off the starboard bow.
 Again, an idea of just how massive these vessels are.
 The crew lowers the pail to the Westcott.  Hence the term, "mail by pail".
 Burt puts the package in the pail and then it is lifted up.
 A view of the pilothouse.
 The pail is retrieved.
 Looking down the length of the Oberstar.
 Another shot of her pilothouse.
 The Oberstar continues down the Detroit River.  She wasn't going too far because she was headed to the Steel Mill in Dearborn.
One more shot of the Oberstar.

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